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Group Exhibition: 郊游/野遊び/An Outing

10月21日(木)10am-6pm BUSINESS ONLY

10月22日(金) 10am-5pm BUSINESS ONLY

**NIGHT MARKET 10月22日(金) 5pm-8pm FOR EVERYBODY

10月23日(土) 10am-5pm FOR EVERYBODY

Booth: #153

Venue: Shinjuku Sumitomo Building 新宿住友ビル三角広場

2 Chome-6-1 Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku City, Tokyo

Free Admission. Advance registration through LINE is required.

To go out in the field, to feel once more the connection between the self and nature.

More than 100 years ago at the dawn of modernization in China, an outing in spring was depicted by Ye Shengtao in his novella 春游 (1919) to symbolize the moment of liberation for a family woman, a woman who has lived within frame rules and traditions. With the chance of (re)connecting with nature, she finds vitality and dignity broader and stronger than the frame. She finds herself.

郊游/野遊び/An Outing will include works by three women artists who each have a distinct and direct relationship with nature and the body. This connection finds form and expression in works that explore sensitivity, sensuality and sexuality, using different mediums (watercolor, fabric, and media) as they represent of their own worlds, in which the spectator is invited to enter.

Cathy Burghi

Cathy Burghi

Cathy Burghi

Cathy Burghi

Tove Hjellmark

Cathy Burghi





『郊遊/野遊び/An Outing』展では、自然との直接的で独特な関係を持つ3人の女性アーティストの作品を展示します。このつながりは、水彩画、布、メディアなどの媒体と、観客を招き入れる彼女たちの独自の世界の表現の両方において、感性、官能性、セクシュアリティを探求する作品の中で形を変えて表現されています。


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