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Rooms to Breathe 呼吸の部屋

March 5-21, 2021 (Closed on Mondays), 12:00–18:00. Admission free. Reserve here

@The 5th Floor: 〒110-0008 東京都台東区池之端 3-3-9 花園アレイ (Hanazono Alley, 3-3-9 Ikenohata, Taito-ku, Tokyo)


3月21日 17:00 クロージング上映:『0°00 Navigation』(Simon Faithfull, 2009, 50m37s)

3月22日 12:00-18:00 コレクター向け内覧会


The remaining available works by Edi Dubien will stay in Tokyo for an additional month. Parties interested in acquiring works may contact S_Z at

Rooms to Breathe

Three rooms on the Fifth Floor which poetically disrupt prevailing articulations of sexuality and nature.

Works on paper that reimagine fusion and transformation, ecological interactions, and environmental politics. They include Edi Dubien’s encounters with animal and vegetal life, and Cathy Burghi’s tropical luxuriance that translates into fecundity and brightly colored mutations of flesh, fruits, and flora.

Rooms to Breathe celebrates the will to wander, including through the Lichen Bar and a selection of artists using illustration, photography, installation, and video.







Poster designed by Zhang Yangyu

From Edi Dubien’s encounters with animal and vegetal life, keeping nature close at hand, a tactic for the fauna that inhabits his art to make its way into the open, to Cathy Burghi’s tropical luxuriance translating into fecundity and brightly colored mutations of the flesh, Rooms to Breathe celebrates the will to wander and the feasibility of fusion and transformation.

The Lichen Bar is a project by S_Z brings together works by Clarisse Robin, Emma di Orio, Wenzhou, Yushi Li and videos by Gary Hill, Simon Faithfull, Robert Cahen, and Edin Velez. This room will function as a retreat, a composite organism made up of drawings, illustration, media and photography that thrives longer by living together. A parcel allotted for works to plant roots, to photosynthesize, and become a forest.

Three rooms that poetically disrupt prevailing discursive and institutional articulations of sexuality and nature. The works celebrate ecological interactions, and environmental politics, they consider sexuality and gender becomings as complex biological and political assemblages rather than purely determined processes. This allows for considerations of cross-species and eco-sexualities, an ethical and political opening for love that includes post-human corporealities.






Installation View

Intro. Photo by Hiroki NIIKURA

Room 501, Cathy Burghi. Photo by Zhang Yangyu

Room 501, Cathy Burghi. Photo by Jin Qiuyu

Room 501, Cathy Burghi. Photo by Jin Qiuyu

Room 2, Simon Faithfull, Emma di Orio. Photo by Zhang Yangyu

Room 2, Yushi Li, Gary Hill. Photo by Zhang Yangyu

Room 3, Edi Dubien. Photo by Zhang Yangyu

Room 3, Edi Dubien. Photo by Zhang Yangyu

Room 3, Edi Dubien. Photo by Zhang Yangyu

Rooftop. Photo by Hiroki NIIKURA


An alternative space founded in February 2020 in Tokyo. It holds a series of curatorial-driven programs that takes advantage of the unique space of a former employee dormitory. In addition to exhibitions, the space also supports the emergence of the next generation of artists and curators through workshops led by local universities and its “Curator in Residence” program.

2020年2月、根津・池之端に誕生したオルタナティブスペース。元社員寮の均一的なようでそれぞれ異なる5階3部屋、あるいはバルコニーや屋上など特有の空間を活かす、意欲的なキュレーション主導のプログラムを発表する。また、展覧会に加え、地域大学によるワークショップや、国内外キュレーターを招請し展覧会を制作する「Curator in Residence」など、次世代のアーティスト・キュレーターの出現を支援する取り組むを行う。



Edi Dubien was born in 1963 in Issy les Moulineaux, France. Although he began showing work in the mid-nineties, it was only after 2011 that he started to become a presence in the French art scene and in 2018 joined the roster of artists represented by the Galerie Alain Gutharc in Paris. His work (painting, drawing, sculpture) locates itself at a crossroad where reminiscences of a solitary childhood and correcting an assigned gender identity encounter a profound desire for immersion within a purely organic environment, of forests, birds and animals. In 2020, the prestigious Lyon Contemporary Art Museum held his first major institutional exhibition.

1963年にイッシー・レ・ムリノー(フランス)生まれ。1990年代に作品を発表し始め、2011年以降フランスのアートシーンで存在感を示し、2018年からGalerie Alain Gutharcに所属。絵画や彫刻などを制作し、孤独な子供時代の回想と割り当てられた性同一性の修正、そして動物や森の純粋に有機的な環境に浸りたいという深い願望は一貫したモチーフ。2020年に、リヨン現代美術館で大規模な個展が開催。

Cathy Burghi studied art at Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes in Montevideo, and at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Brazil. However, Burghi has developed most of her work in France where she moved in 2007. Burghi’s work is made up of drawings, installations, performances, among others, which makes her a multidisciplinary artist, and her areas of interest are cultural and female identity, memory, and migration. Since 2006, Burghi has held solo and group exhibitions in salons, biennials, galleries and different cultural centres at international level.


Gary Hill (b. 1951, Santa Monica, CA) has worked with a broad range of media – including sculpture, sound, video, installation and performance – since the early 1970’s. His longtime work with intermedia continues to explore an array of issues ranging from the physicality of language, synesthesia and perceptual conundrums to ontological space and viewer interactivity. Exhibitions of his work have been presented at museums and institutions worldwide.


Robert Cahen is a video artist, director, composer by training. A major figure in the field of video creation, coming from the frontiers between the arts, he is a pioneer in the use of electronic instruments. After studying composition in concrete music at the Research Department of the ORTF (with among others Michel Chion), he graduated from the CNSM of Paris (class Pierre Schaeffer) in 1971, he became a composer of the Groupe de Recherches Musicales de l’ORTF and continued experimentation and creation in the fields of sound but also image. He turned to the medium of video in 1970, applying technical and linguistic experiments to concrete music.


Simon Faithfull was born in Braziers Park – a utopian community in Ipsden, Oxfordshire. He studied at Central St Martins and then the University of Reading . His practice takes a variety of forms – ranging from video, to digital drawing, installation work and writing. Faithfull is also Reader (Associate Professor) at Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London.


Born and raised in Puerto Rico, Edin Vélez studied painting at the University of Puerto Rico and at the School of Fine Arts of the Institute for Puerto Rican Culture. In 1970, inspired by the writings of Marshall McLuhan, Edin moved to New York in order to explore the possibilities of video as an art form and became one of the pioneer artists of the medium.


クラリス・ロビン Clarisse Robin

Clarisse Robin is a French illustrator and has been collaborating with authors of children’s book for over a decade. In her own art practice, she combines photography and digital illustration software in a series of deceptively seductive self portraits that celebrate the body in all its fluid expressions. She lives and works in Tours, France.


Yushi Li is a Chinese artist based in London, working primarily in photography. She received her MA in Photography recently and is doing her PhD in Arts & Humanities at the Royal College of Art. Li was selected as one of the artists for Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2018 and nominated as one of the 100 RPS Hundred Heroines in 2019. Li has shown her work in different countries and had her solo shows in Malmo and London. Her work mainly engages with the question of the gaze in relation to gender, desire and sexuality, culminating in the investigation of the male representation as an erotic subject in light of digital social networks.

中国出身。ロンドンを拠点に活動。王立芸術大学で芸術と人文科学の博士課程在学。主に写真を制作し、発表している。2018年にBloomberg New Contemporariesに選ばれ、2019年に100 RPS Hundred Heroinesにノミネートされた。マルメとロンドンで個展が開催。性別、欲望、セクシュアリティに関連する視線の問題に取り組んでおり、デジタルソーシャルネットワークにおけるエロティックな主体としての男性の表現について考察している。

エマ・ディ・オリオ Emma di Orio

Emma Di Orio is a young artist from the Reunion Island. After graduating from the Beaux Arts du Port, she worked with a number of associative structures as a fine arts speaker as well as a cultural mediator. Today she works with young people by creating workshops often based on her own work and on textile recuperation through her association Cosmic Girl with which she has operated a thrift shop of solidarity since 2012. Her work navigates between art and fashion, and articulates itself around the art of drawing. This medium finds its way into painting, serigraphy and printing, street art and more recently tattoo art.

レユニオン島(フランス)出身。団体「Cosmic Girl」の創立・運営者。Beaux Arts du Portを卒業した後、美術講演者および文化メディエーターとして多くのNPOに携わってきた。「Cosmic Girl」を通じて若者と協力しながらテキスタイルのリサイクルについてのワークショップを開催し、2012年以来共同リサイクルショップを運営している。アートとファッションの間手掛け、ドローイングを中心にした絵画、セリグラフィー、印刷、ストリートアート、最近ではタトゥーアートを制作している。

Wenzhou is born and raised in China. She studied visual communication at Xiamen University and has been working between fiber art and fashion design, incorporating ecological concepts into her work. “Sensitive and rough. The sensation is often captured by the overwhelmingly sprawling forces around. I seek to express it fully in the language of pure fiber.” She lives in China.


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